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Rue Abdelali Ben Chekroun Zineb Offices 3rd floor
Mr.Mohamed Belarbi
Arabian Centers has grown to become the largest in the Middle East in the last few years. We took this chance to let you know that we are the recruitment source for all the major Retail, Hospitality and Airline companies in the region, with branches and offices covering majority of the sourcing destinations.

Our own offices in many countries proved to be the most reliable source of professionals which gave us the privilege to be the first and only licensed Recruitment Company.

In several countries, Arabian Centers have total exclusivity- In Syria, we are the only licensed recruitment company by a decision of the ministry of Labour.

In Tunisia, we have been privileged by the Tunisian government to be the only licensed private company operating inside the ministry property with full governmental support.

In Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon, we are the 1st licensed international recruitment services consultancy that offers both on-line & direct recruitment.

In countries like Kyrgyzstan and Moldova, we are the only offices that hold a license to recruit to GCC.

More so, recruitment is also being done from our Arabian Centers offices in Asian countries like, Myanmar (Burma), Darjeeling-India and Philippines where we are very strong. our online recruitment division, provides us with more than 400,000 CVs worldwide and that gives us the ability to recruit all level positions from all nationalities making us able to handle all our clients recruitment needs.

We are known by the largest multinational companies in the region through years of our continuous support to them with our professional and personal attention to details based on human principle, being the only legal source in several countries, using up-to-date technology and supportive professional consultants.

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