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Baker Boys, Dubai

P.O.Box : 116314
Quosaise Area
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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BakerBoys is a wholesale bakery based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provides high quality of fresh baked, frozen baked and frozen unbaked products. All our products are handmade, and we use our own home-style recipes.

We believe that quality and freshness are key ingredients in our Product

BakerBoys hold an expanding commissary center that operates in the most desirable & expanded countries (UAE) and more specially in supplying the following industries:

• Service stations
• Hotels
• Schools
• Restaurants and Coffee shops
• Hypermarkets
• Food services
Our Products are as Below:
• Puffs
• Danishes
• HotDog Cheese Roll
• Chicken Tortilla Wraps
• Cinnamon Products
• Muffins
• Pizzas
• Quiche
• Kabab Rolls
• Safeeha’s

Quality Policy

The Goal of BakerBoys is to achieve superior levels of customers saticfaction in term of valuable product in reasonable price where every body can buy this products.

Quality is defined by our clients. There is a clear need, therefore, to accurately establish clients requirements, and to respond rapidly and effectively to meet them.

We apply the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system in our production operations. This system uses careful analysis of key aspects of our manufacturing procedures to identify those controls that are critical to food safety. Bases on those analysis, plans are developed, implemented and continuously monitored to manage these critical elements. Additionally, we apply what are known as Good Manufacturing Practices, which are requirements that ensure foods are produced under clean and sanitary conditions

The HACCP programs include good manufacturing Practices on:
• Premises
• Transportation & Storage
• Equipment
• Personnel
• Sanitation & Pest Control
• Recalls
• Allergen Programs
• Glass Policy
• Center Secuirity
• Quality programs

Baker Boys, Is regularly inspected by the Dubai Municipality & Or by ity’s clients, we also conduct internal Audits and inspections to insure that each procedure is strictly followed.

Our Goal is to meet our Customers expectations for Quality and safety of each product we sell

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