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Fusion Food and Entertainment- Dubai

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About Fusion FnE

Fusion Food & Entertainment (FFnE) has been ‘redefining the dining experience’ for close to 25 years.

With a small step through Mehfil in 1988, Suneel Bhambhani took a huge leap into the world of fine dining. Established as an Indian restaurant that offers an exuberant atmosphere and eclectic food, Mehfil went on to emerge as the flagship brand of FFnE.

By 2012, Suneel had forayed into a diverse set of cuisines such as Italian (Grazie), Indian spices (Temptations), Chinese (Chinese Village) and Coastal Cuisine (Goan Shack) among other brands.

Today, 25 years and 8 restaurant brands later, FFnE firmly establishes that elemental brilliance is not only an adjective restricted to a plate of food, but to its own brand portfolio as well. This is evident in its wide array of flavors, ambience, beverages and cuisines across its portfolio of restaurant brands.

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