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Q Food and Beverage Group, Dubai

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As a new member of 80 years of successful commercial experience, the Q Food and Beverage Group (QFNB Group) commenced operations with its first brand, Huqqa in the food and beverage sector in 2013. Since then, we have established The Market at Bosphorus and Qurabiye, thereby improving our existence in this sector. Our successful results and the potential we have seen in the food sector have increased our excitement day by day.

By uniting all of our investments made or to be made in the field of food under a single brand, we have made our existence a corporate structure. Formulating a high performance and sustainable business strategy, we proceeded our way with QFNB by adding a new brand, HuQQabaz to our existing 3 brands. We have set forth to bring a fast, quality and demanded perspective to the traditional tastes, presentation and preparation techniques.

In order to continue to maintain our competitiveness, we have also established The Galliard Restaurant and Café as a separate entity that offers Turkish infused Mediterranean cuisine with Alcohol and shisha and an elegant casual dining experience.

QFNB means quality in all fields, full-fledged staff and content, flexible solutions and fast service as well as demanded, demand stimulating and queuing brands. In particular, quality is our main principle. We intend to offer our customers all these elements at affordable prices. I believe wholeheartedly that we will achieve our business objectives with our stakeholders in this exciting global journey of QFNB.

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