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Seti First Group/Dirham Tours

C/O Dirham Tours, Office Number 902
Sheikh Zayed Road , Sheikh Eissa Tower
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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Seti First
We own and operate Nile cruisers, buses, limousine services, travel agent offices and tour activities, hotels and floating restaurants. With this impressive list of assets and management capability, we are able to provide whatever service maybe required. Currently our staff of more than 2000 well-trained employees are spread out in representative offices all over Egypt’s tourist destinations. Our luxurious air- conditioned fleet both on land and in the Nile transports over 180,000 customers a year. All our financial, personnel and logistical resources aim at continuous growth in the business.

Company Profile
Over 3 million customers served, and every customer counts !
The characteristics which made our name sake, “King Seti the First” great, are all displayed in our organization. King seti was a visionary warrior, a king whose conquests led to the expansion of the Egyptian empire in the nineteenth dynasty and his crowning “sole king of Egypt”. The vision, strength, ambition, and growth are all part of our culture today as it was part of his then. The company’s modest initial investment of $ 100,000 has multiplied to hundreds of millions of USD With it our range of services bas grown significantly to include all the major touristic venues for enterprise. To this end, Seti First Travel is strategically organized in four major divisions: Travel & Tours, Nile Cruises, Luxurious Hotels and Aviation The interlinking of these divisions provides a synergy amounting to a comprehensive and complete tourism and travel services organization.

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