How to add multiple users on Hozpitality

Video Transcription

Hi, friends. Welcome back to, Opportunities in Hospitality. Today, we are going to talk about the employers, employers who'd like to add users onto their account so that multiple users can use the site at the same time.

So, first of all, you have to log in as an employer. So, once you have logged in, you go to your Client Home, which is your home page for your account on the website. Now, you'll see a section called Manage Users here. If you just click on Manage Users, and you can add, edit, or remove any users on the site, so you can have multiple users on the site using the site.

The main account user has to create users for his account. You just have to click on Add Users, and you can just put the name, username, password, and confirm the password, and save it. Once you have saved it, the user can actually log into the site and post jobs, search database CVs, as per his own account details. So the main employer does not have to be all the time there. The user who has been added into the account can actually use the site as they would like to.

Good luck.

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