How to do Job Posting on Hozpitality by Employers

Video Transcription

Hi, friends. Welcome to, loads of opportunities in the hospitality industry. Today, we are talking about "How to post the job correctly on for employers''. So, first of all, you have to go to Employers section and punch in your login details. I have already some details here logged in. Once I fill in the login details, I will log in as a Client Home on the website.

This is my Home section, where I am a client now. So we will take about Job Manager today. You post your jobs through Job Manager on the website. So, when you click on Job Manager, you will see all the jobs that you already have on the website, with the number of applications and so on. And you are posting a new job. So you will have an option of either copying one of the jobs that you have here, and then make changes, or you just add a new job. So let's say we add a new job. When you add a new job, you just have to post the title here, saying, "General Manager," all right? Reference, if you would like to put, otherwise normally not required. But if you would like to put, say "GM001," all right?

It's a standard job, or a featured or premium. Depending on your account, you could post one of these types of jobs. If you have bought Standard, or Featured or Premium. Normally the job is posted for four weeks. Put the salary, say "attractive," or if you would like to put the exact salary, you know, it's up to you. You can post the job. Your logo is already there, should be there. Your email address and everything is there. If you would like to change this email address to something else, let's say, for this particular job, you want the CV to go to the HR, so you can change the email address here. And whatever email address you put here, the CVs for that particular job will go to that email address.

And here, you put the job description, whatever the description is. You can just add the description here, or you can copy and paste from your job description template. And then, this is very important. If you would like to post any document, you would like to post a description, just attach the document here. These are very important. You have to pick up the right field. So, let's say you are a hotel, so you pick up Hotels, Clubs and Spas. Or you are a restaurant, and you would like to have people even from hotel industry, so you can pick up two of them together.

You want a general manager of this list, so you have to go to General Management. It's a top management, so you can pick up Corporate as well as Top Management here. But it's not a Department Head or Middle Management. And your location, this is very important. If you are based in the U.A.E., pick up U.A.E. You have five filter questions here. So, you can pick up questions or ask your own question: "Do you have similar work experience in star hotels?" and say, "Yes," if you would like them to be rejected. If someone says no, then he will be rejected. The CV will not come to you. So, click here, otherwise just leave it blank.

And that's it. Just say "Preview." And once you have said, "Preview," just say, "Post the job." Once you have posted the job, the job goes on the site, and you get the correct CVs. So, you can ask proper filter questions, and keep posting your jobs one by one. Good luck, friends.

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