Job searching tips- How to find the Right Job on Hozpitality

Video Transcription

Hi, friends. I am going to teach you today how to search the job on, the right hospitality job easily. It's very simple. The simplest process is that you put in whatever job you're looking for. Let's say, you're looking for a revenue manager position. So you will put here revenue manager and do a job search. So this is how you would find your particular position on Now, once you've seen here you have 502 jobs matching saying revenue managers. So they would be revenue manager positions around the world.

Now, to further screen and say what exactly you need, you have some options here on the left-hand side where you have Industry. So let's say you are a hotelier. So you would like to go to hotel clubs and spa. Department, you want a revenue manager. So you would obviously pick up revenue management. Some hotels also post revenue manager as sales and market...under sales and marketing, so you could pick up both of them together. So you control key and press the arrow button. And then Level. So now, obviously, you would like to have a revenue manager. So it's a department head level or a middle management. Some people post assistant...they also take assistant managers.

And then if you would like to have jobs only in the UAE or only in the Europe or only in Middle East, GCC. So we basically pick up something with that. And just further screen, the revenue manager positions. So from 502 jobs on the website, at this point, you would find 43 jobs which are matching. So there are jobs in Dubai. There are jobs...Hilton is looking for a revenue manager. Marriott, Islamabad is looking. Millennium. So, quite a few jobs here, 43.

And then you just have to click on the job. Make sure you read the job description properly before you apply for the job. So you make sure that, you know, if there is a description here, read it properly and just click on Apply Now. And once you click on Apply Now, you would be taken to a login page. If you already have an account, just log in. And if you don't have an account, just fill up a few details and then just apply for the job. All the best in your job search.

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