Catering Companies, Hotels Clubs and Spas
Food and Beverage Service
Staff- Line level
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Salary Description:
AED 1,500 plus accommodation, food and transport.
Apt Resources, Dubai
Job Ref:

For a reputed Hotel in Dubai, UAE
Location: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Hospitality
Department: Food & Beverage
Level: Staff Line level
Min. exp. in same role: 2 years
Min. exp. in same industry: 3 years
Education: Diploma/ High School
Salary: AED 1,500 plus accommodation, food and transport.

Additional details:
Ensure for sending the report on time for work and be well dressed, courteous and tactful in handling guests and customers.

Be familiar with all menu-pricing at all outlets so as to ensure all F&B charges are correctly charged and amount collected as per the bill.

They are responsible for their cash floats and any shortage and overage will have to be reported in the cashiers’ report. In respect of shortage, they will have to bear the responsibility unless a satisfactory explanation is given and in respect of overage, they will have to break in the amount.

Unless there is an incoming cashier, all cashiers eventually relieved from duty must surrender all keys leading to the cashiering area.

All outgoing cashiers should not leave their work stations until they are relieved by the incoming cashier, unless the cashier’s station is closed for the day. They are also to report to the chief F&B Cashier any late arrivals of incoming cashiers after 15 minutes has lapsed.

Before commencing work at the station, they would have to ensure the following;
Unlock the lack control of the cashier’s machine.

Ensure all stamp pads and rubber stamps are ready for use.

Record the starting guest’s check serial number on the F&B cashier’s daily record.

Ensure all stationery requirements are sufficient.

All billings must be machine-printed on the guest checks. In the case of machine failure, F&B Cashiers would have to carry on with the billing process manually (i.e., guest checks will have to be hand-written). However, when the machine is back in use, all balances in respect of manual billings will have to be entered into the machine.

When there is a machine failure, F&B Cashiers will have to report to their senior immediately. F&B Cashiers may contact the Technician themselves if they cannot get in touch with the Chief F&B Cashier.

Where there is void, cancellation or alteration of guest checks, these must be prior approved and signed by F&B Manager or his designate.

The void card and/or void code must be handed only by the F&B Manager or Assistant F&B Manager or Restaurant Manager or his designate whom should be supervisor or higher.

All refunds must be generated through the cashier’s machines and must tally to the report generated by the machines at the end of the shift.

End of Shift
To prepare the cashier report.
Cashier to prepare the cashier’s report envelope and seal the envelope with the daily cash collection.

Every cashier must turn in their collections for the day immediately to the General Cashier through the drop safe. All turn-ins must be witnessed by the senior position on duty or an independent staff in the front office.

Cash to be deposited into the drop safe must be properly placed in sealed cashier’s envelopes and signed by the cashier.

F&B Cashiers will lock their cash float boxes in their own numbered deposit lockers before going off duty.

Clean and reset the machine to zero balance.

Contact Details:
Apt Resources, Dubai
Tel: .
Contact: Joan Flores- Recruitment Supervisor

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