Job Role:
Security Manager, Security Officer
Staff- Line level, Supervisor
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Salary Description:
Competitive Salary Offered
Somewhere Hospitality Group
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1. Follow the instructions of the Security Supervisor in an efficient and effective manner in order to meet planned and reasonably foreseeable unplanned daily operational demands.
2. Follow the approved duty roster schedule.
3. Attend pre-shift briefings 5 minutes prior to shift commencement.
4. Request assistance from the Security Supervisor according to operational demands and changes in situations and circumstances.
5. Immediately inform the Security Supervisor of any security or safety occurrences.
6. Comply strictly with all established security and safety policy and procedures and familiarize self with all Security related manuals.
7. Monitor the Hotel environment throughout the shift and identify any security or safety risks that become apparent. Report all risks to the Security Supervisor.
8. Ensure that all occurrences, incidents and accidents are fully recorded.
9. Fully familiarize oneself with all emergency contingency plans, policy, procedure and manuals.
10. Fully understand the role of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and the ERT Team Leader and Crisis Management Team (CMT)
11. Participate in all emergency drills, both planned and unplanned.
12. Familiarize self with all common fire hazards and fire precautions and conduct routine fire safety hazard patrols.
13. Maintain constant awareness and vigilance of potential crime occurrences within the Hotel throughout the shift.
14. Immediately inform the Shift Security Supervisor of any abnormalities, suspicious situations / person(s) and/or signs of developing disorder.
15. Carry out access controls at established Hotel check points.
16. Carry out screening of visitors; contractors and suppliers, scrutinizing all forms of identification.
17. Registration and issuance of access pass to visitors, contractors and suppliers.
18. Ensure that all Hotel property is accompanied with an authorized Gate Pass / Asset Disposal Form before permitting release from the Hotel.
19. Conduct bag searches of all colleagues, contractors and suppliers when required.
20. Report all criminal allegations and incidences immediately to the Security Supervisor.
21. Inform the Shift Supervisor of any intelligence or information received relating to crime in or near the Hotel.
22. Operating below listed Security systems:

 VING Key system
 Guard tour system
 Lift operation and alarm
 Door alarms (Fire Exit doors) and Guest room door invalid entry alerts
 Fire alarms and equipment (Extinguishers, etc.) and AFP systems
 CCTV system (DVR, cameras, lenses, cables, etc.)
 Walkie-Talkie communications
 Megaphone / Bullhorn
 Flashlights


1. To promote efficiency, confidence, courtesy and an extremely high standard of social skills.
2. To generally promote and ensure good inter-departmental relations.
3. To display a pleasant manner and positive attitude at all times, and to promote a good company image to guests and colleagues.
4. To demonstrate pride in the workplace and display pleasant personal appearance at all times.
5. To abide by Company and Hotel rules and regulations at all times.
6. To ensure that standards required by Law are complied with and maintained at all times.


1. Reports any equipment failures or problems to the Engineering department.
2. Reports suspicious activities, persons or objects to the Security and Safety department.
3. Participates in Trainings and other development activities as scheduled by the company.
4. Participates in Corporate Social Responsibility programs organized by the company.
5. To perform and comply with any reasonable request made by Management to the best of your ability.

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Somewhere Hospitality Group
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Contact: HR Department

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