Tsum Valley Trekking

PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS provides an unforgettable hiking experience in the secluded Tsum Valley. It is also known as the "Hidden Valley" and is located in the mystical northern part of the Manaslu region.

Tsum Valley Trekking

Until 2008, the Nepali government limited access to the Manaslu and Tsum valleys. The Tsum Valley Trek is a beautiful, uncrowded experience in a rural area of Nepal. Because of its remoteness, its absence of modernization enriches the cultural and rich traditional perspective. Even though modern life has engulfed practically every other region in the Himalayas, this valley's unique culture, fascinating terrain, and traditions have survived. Gorgeous mountains surround the valley, including Baudha Himal to the west, Himal Chuli to the south, and Sringi Himal to the north. Trekking through the Tsum Valley is an absolute highlight, with strong, warm, hospitable people and their Buddhist culture and undisturbed animals, thanks to the Buddhist hunting ban.

Peregrine Treks and Tours thinks that outdoor adventures bring various health advantages, from physical to mental to spiritual. The Himalayas are the finest place to discover our lives via positive well-being. To be productive, you must remove yourself from worldly news, social media, and your hectic schedule. In addition to personal benefits, visiting the locations helps the local economy.

The team of PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS warmly welcomes you to the Himalayas. We promise to organize small gatherings while providing high-quality services and security. These are necessary for adaptability, contentment, and valuable cultural and traditional exchanges with our local Team. Finally, hospitality to our guests and economic development for locals are two of our primary goals.

PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS focuses on group sizes of 4 to 6 individuals for this Trek since we have found that this is the best approach to have a successful trip while delivering good services in our experience. Furthermore, it fosters a good atmosphere within the Group, including cultural and traditional exchanges with our local Team.

Lastly, PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS' emphasis on small groups allows for greater flexibility and individual support for participants.

In Kathmandu, we share rooms at the Tibet International and Yak & Yeti hotels, which include breakfast and dinner. Single rooms can be rented upon request at an extra cost, depending on availability. All evenings are served in beautiful restaurants in town, where you may sample a variety of cuisines, including traditional Nepali, Thai, and even steaks and Italian dishes. PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS representatives have evaluated each restaurant to guarantee that it is of sufficient quality for our customers.

During our trek, we will stay in authentic lodges (small traditional mountain guesthouses) recommended by PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS based on the itinerary destination. Please be informed that there are no single rooms available.

Our Chef will prepare a range of delectable meals and beverages for you. Please remember that individual beverage are at the expense of each participant, except coffee and a range of teas supplied for breakfast and in the afternoons upon your arrival, along with specific unique nibbles given by PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS. Some days, lunch packages are also offered.

Tsum Valley Trek's success depends on the personal condition of each participant and the experience of our Team. The team of PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS has been carefully chosen based on their experience in the unique area and personal aptitudes. As a result, our team is highly experienced, professional, trained, kind, and helpful.

PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS is delighted to assist our local employees by paying a fair wage and encouraging them to participate in mountaineering workshops, wilderness first aid training, environmental preservation courses, rubbish management, team leadership, and language refreshers regularly.

Our Trekking Guide's Role: The Trekking Guide for PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS is a professional government-trained guide with expertise leading and trekking around the Himalayas, including first aid training and extensive knowledge of local flora, fauna, and general environmental protection. Our Trekking Guide will accompany you during the trip and through the passes, providing interesting facts about the mountains, culture, traditions, and landscapes. He will serve as an interpreter for the locals. He is monitoring symptoms of high altitude sickness and assuring your safety and needs throughout the trek and to the top of the pass. Our Trekking Guide is essential in meeting the demands of our members, monitoring the Group and porters, and ensuring the safety standards. He also ensures that the trash is appropriately managed and that the track is maintained clean throughout the journey. PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS will be kept up to date on the Group's progress throughout the trek.

Our Assistant Guide also has a government license but must work as an assistant guide for some time before becoming a company-approved Guide. He aids the Guide with all key jobs, ensuring the group's safety and ensuring the group's performance works appropriately.

PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS'chef is a government-certified and licensed trekking cook who plays a vital role throughout the walk. He has the requisite experience to give you various culinary and bakery products. He places a high value on sanitary cuisine, clean and high-quality utensils, and proper management of the camp and its environs. As our Trekking Guide, he ensures that the waste is correctly disposed of and that the camping area is left clean after our visit. Last but not least, he provides you with fresh veggies and meat as often as feasible.

Our Kitchen Boy(s): assist the Cook in his primary duties: in the kitchen, serving and cleaning the dishes, managing the water, and taking care of campsite maintenance.

Our porters are: PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS employs dependable porters. Their job is to transport your belongings with strict handling standards during the expedition.

The porters are a significant problem for PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS. We support and respect porters' rights and have high standards to ensure they are well treated. We offer them a fair wage, including a bonus, and provide them with adequate food allowances, clothing, shoes, eyewear, and insurance coverage.

Your safety is our top priority when you go with PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS. The Group has a four (4)-liter oxygen bottle with a mask and regulator and a first aid kit in an emergency.

Our Trekking Guide is also equipped with communication devices that will only be utilized in an emergency. PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS is affiliated with national helicopter rescue airlines and the rescue.

Weather forecasts are provided to the Trekking Guide regularly to reduce dangers.

Our Trekking Guide and Assistant Guide will safeguard the route using the necessary technical gear, depending on the severity of specific itineraries.

Please keep in mind that the itinerary information provided above is indicative and may be changed during the journey by our Guide, who can make such changes if deemed necessary (due to safety concerns, etc.). Every effort will be made to adhere to the itinerary; however, because this is an adventure travel in remote mountain regions and at high altitude, we are unable to fully guarantee it because it is necessary to take into account each situation as it arises and, as a result, adapt the program in the best way possible. Weather circumstances, a group member's health, and unanticipated natural disasters, among other things, can all contribute to alterations in the scheduled itinerary.

Our Trekking Guide will make every effort to ensure that the trek proceeds as planned for the benefit of all participants. Still, we ask that you be prepared to show some flexibility and comprehension if necessary.

When choosing a trekking trip with PEREGRINE TREKS AND TOURS, please consider the degree of difficulty. Most of our trekking itineraries are in remote areas of the Himalayas and at high altitudes, most of which are higher than the Alps. An excellent physical condition is required to appreciate the depth of this adventure fully!