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Food Technologist ( Highfield Level 3 in HACCP for Catering , FOSTAC ) | Food Safety Supervisor | Research and Development | Food Processing | Quality Control | Food Safety Matters | Food Hygienic and Innovative |
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Are you looking for a cleaner smelling air? TCL provide easy solution to clean and disinfect air conditioning systems to eliminate bad odors, reduce level of allergens, and reduce airborne bacteria & viruses.

Get in touch with us now.

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We would like to announce that we are exhibiting at #thehotelshow 2022 at Dubai World Trade Centre starting at 24th - 26th May.

We would like to invite you to visit our stand no. 2D99

Use the below link to register:

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We represent Samruay Engg Co., Thailand ( and we are in the business of selling the following Aircon maintenance products and we would be grateful to have you as our customer!

A) Coil*Tech Evaporator Coil Disinfecting/ Cleansing Spray for Window & Split Air conditioners. Improve Cooling and lowers Power Consumption.

· Disinfectant

· Deodorant

· Detergent

Coil*Tech Coil Cleansing Spray: The most unique benefit of the Spray is that it obviates the need for a “Brought Down Service’ that happens to be a norm in Aircon Service in India currently This revolutionary “No Rinse” product is formulated specifically for Indoor Air cleaning and the disinfecting of the evaporator coil of your A/ C, and the effects of which lasts upto three months after application (*Contingent on climatic conditions and usage)

Each Spray of 15 ml of the Coil*Tech Coil Cleansing Spray (500 ml bottle):on the evaporator coil works out to Rs 80 per three months! Kills harmful airborne bacteria, viruses, mold spores and allergens; Prevents further Bacteria accumulation and Eliminates bad odors from the room produced by mildew and other pathogens that reside there, thus, reducing the stress on your A/C by allowing enhanced Air flow, thereby reducing Power Consumption, leading to improved system performance and product longevity.

Without air conditioner coil cleaning :- 1) A dirty air conditioning coil will increase power costs. 2) A dirty air conditioning coil will shorten the life of the HVAC system. 3) A dirty air conditioning coil will compromise a rooms indoor air quality. 4) A dirty air conditioning coil will decrease the ability of the HVAC system to work to it's full potential. With air conditioning coil cleaning/ disinfection you will :-1) gain savings on energy costs 2) prevent costly breakdowns 3) improve indoor air quality 4) enhance reliability and service of your system 5) maintain peak operating efficiency. 6) Breathe Bacteria/ Mold Free Air.

Price Rs 2499 for a 500 ml bottle. incl 18% GST

Best Regards


Let Us Clear the Air!

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Why is my split system leaking water? | #hygiene

Why is my split system leaking water?

Why is my split system leaking water?

Why is my split system leaking water?

These are the most common reasons why your split system is leaking water inside or out.

1. Blocked condensate drain (or AC drain line)
When an air conditioner is cooling your Home, Hotel, Hospital or Office it creates condensation