A 3 day trip to a small hamlet in the Jaunsar Region... Nagthat.
VilloTale thank Sarita Ma'am, Susmita Ma'am and the entire group of 12 senior citizens who showed their confidance in VilloTale to plan their trip with exposure to the local culture, food, traditions, heritage, historical and mythological dimensions.
They were extremely enthusiastic to meet the children from the local primary school and share some time with them..."giving back to the society", Visiting an NGO workshop.
Close to the nature and natural beauty they visited
Tiger Falls, Chakrata and witnessed how Gharat (Hydro powered flour mill or water mill) work
Visiting the local Mahatsu Devta Temple which is constructed with wood and rock and Ma Kali Mandir in Bishoi Village gave the mystical flavour to the trip.
Thoroughly enjoyed the village walk and witnessed garlic harvesting
Enjoyed the local farm grown food at Lakhamandal apart from visitng the Lord Shiva Temple which has stories from the time of Mahabharata.
VilloTale again thanks everyone for taking part in this tour. We are looking forward to host more of such tours which connect you to the roots.
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Brazil Opens its Doors to Emirati Tourists | #brazil #tourism #responsibletourism #cleanandsafe #carlosbrito #embratur #globaldata #visitbrasil #hozpitality

Brazil Opens its Doors to Emirati Tourists

Brazil Opens its Doors to Emirati Tourists

The country is ready to welcome international tourists and present its diverse destinations and attractions in a safe environment.