10 Common AC Problems Every Homeowner Should Know How to Fix

AC Problems Every Homeowner Should Know How to Fix.

10 Common AC Problems Every Homeowner Should Know How to Fix

When summer brings the heat, your air conditioner becomes a dependable friend, tirelessly working to keep your home comfortably cool.

But what happens if it starts acting out? Don't stress, we're here to help. Below is a straightforward guide to the 10 common issues your AC might face.

Along with simple explanations and solutions that anyone can grasp and apply, ensuring smooth operation without the need for AC repairs.

The AC will not turn on

Nothing feels worse than when your air conditioner won't kick on. Almost every time, it's because the thermostat wasn't set correctly or a circuit breaker was tripped.

You can rule things out by checking these two quickly and get your AC going again.

Weak Airflow

If the airflow level from your ducts is low, it is most likely dirty filters for those ducts.Changing the filter and cleaning up the area around the ducts will automatically open up your ducts, and this will help the air conditioning to cool your home the way it should.

Outflow of warm air

Everything is blowing hot out of the air conditioner, not precisely the refreshing cool breeze you're looking for.

Caused by anything from a bad compressor to low levels of refrigerant, it's at this point you're supposed to call in a professional to help you identify and correct the problem so that your device works properly again.

AC Compressor Cycling On and Off

The frequent cycling of AC compressors may suggest dirty coils, or the thermostat is faulty. It might save the AC from wear and tear and make it last longer.

Strange Sounds

Such weird sounds coming from your air conditioner generally indicate that something is amiss, from sounds.. In all likelihood, it is either loose parts or failing motors.

With quick attention to these, the damage is kept off over a long period, thus enabling your air conditioner to drive softly and effectively along.

Leaking Refrigerant

Not only do the refrigerant leaks contribute to lousy AC functioning, but they also pose potential environmental and health hazards.

The leak, therefore, requires an expert approach in locating and fixing it, which will restore your AC's cooling capabilities and maintain good air quality inside the house.

Evaporator Coils

The two leading causes of freezing the evaporator coils in your freezer are inadequate airflow and low refrigerant.

It would then, in turn, be able to get your AC unit up and running for even cooling throughout your complete living space.

The thermostat has malfunctioned.

This might result in erratic temperature controls and cause the unit to cycle more often than it should when operating normally, causing discomfort and energy inefficiency.

A new thermostat will help you restore precise temperature control so that the AC operates perfectly.

Electrical Problems

Electrical malfunctions can be a safety hazard and, through that, bring damage to your air conditioner.

Such an event will be determined with the professional aid to diagnose and fix electrical faults, protect your home, and ensure that the AC will run reliably and safely.

Condenser coils are dirty

Dirty condenser coils make the system inefficient and could make it run at a rate consuming more power than it ideally should, maybe even breaking down.

Regularly maintaining these coils locks in a significant percentage of maintenance and thus keeps the air conditioner in its best condition to save on the cost of energy bills and repairs over the long run.


The homeowners are now sitting well informed, answering the questions on the appropriateness of the following action for a functioning cooling system in the home.

Many minor problems can be corrected by simple troubleshooting. Still, more serious problems are detected with professional assistance to have the AC units offer maximum efficiency and last long.

Contact FAJ Technical Services and they'll make sure your ac repairs and maintenance are taken care of properly.

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