6 Common Misconceptions About Hotel Jobs in UAE!

The hospitality industry in the UAE is thriving post-Covid. The sector expects thousands of rooms to be added to the inventory in the next few months, increasing the number of hotel jobs in the UAE. This article will clarify some myths/ misconceptions about hospitality jobs in the UAE.

6 Common Misconceptions About Hotel Jobs in UAE!

Written by: Vandana Bhatt


The hospitality industry in the UAE is thriving post-Covid. The sector expects thousands of rooms to be added to the inventory in the next few months, increasing the number of hotel jobs in the UAE. The vacancies are not merely in the hotel sector but also in restaurants, entertainment, events, and other segments. This article will clarify some myths/ misconceptions about hospitality jobs in the UAE. 


The UAE market is developing and is slowly on the verge of maturing. International hotel/restaurant brands are expanding their operations in the UAE, and some homegrown brands have taken the success to another level. There are many examples of local companies that have accomplished remarkable success. 


Talking about hospitality jobs, 1 in 10 people in the world now works in the hospitality industry, adding 337 million jobs and trillions of dollars to the world economy. But, the youth and aspiring professionals still have some misconceptions about working in the hospitality industry. 


Regarding the hotel jobs in Dubai, the hospitality industry in the UAE hires thousands of skilled professionals every year. These professionals are hired based on their skillset from the global talent pool. Since many hotels are still opening in the UAE, the requirement for hospitality interns is also in high demand. 


Hotel Jobs are not well paid:- Most hotels and restaurants in the UAE offer a basic salary plus accommodation, medical, and transportation for the selected candidates. There is also a minimal service charge which is paid monthly/quarterly. 

The salary and package depend on the position and skills of the individual. Some hotels pay extra bucks for multilingual staff. If you find a hospitality job in the UAE, you can get experience with the other 186 nationalities living and working in the country. 

There are no taxes for employees in the UAE. The company pays for everything, so most of your salary goes into your savings account.


Getting Hotel Jobs is possible only through agencies- 

Many candidates think getting a good role is only possible with the help of agencies. The hotel business still works with many agencies, unlike most other industries that have switched from traditional agencies to high-tech platforms. 


The agencies work closely with the companies to hire suitable candidates, but sometimes you may need to pay extensive fees to get that dream job. You must also know that many recruitment scams happen through agencies. Some are genuine and have many years of experience, but some are just there to fraud the candidates. Before you start working with any agencies, you want to check a few things:-

  1. Verify their company- See where they are based, and check their social media page. 
  2. Verify their contact details:- Always verify their contact details to see if they have a genuine company email address. Registered recruitment agencies/management consultancies will always have their company email address, not Gmail.
  3. Verify the contact person:- In this digital age, we are all on social media. Just make some effort to check the internet to see if the person who contacted you for the job works at the same company they have mentioned in their email. 
  4. Verify their website:- Every company in this 21st century has a website with information about them. Their work and also references. 

These tips are not only for recruitment agencies but also for hospitality companies. Before applying for any jobs, check everything mentioned earlier to avoid scams. 


You can also find jobs directly through the company websites and also through the job boards like All the companies posting jobs on are verified. The hospitality companies need to send certain documents to prove they are genuine before posting any positions on the website. It is to avoid any recruitment scam. When you apply through, your CV goes directly to the company, and they contact you if you are shortlisted. 


Networking is another option for you to land a good opportunity in Dubai, as most of the positions are still closed with references. Keep in touch with your old colleagues in the UAE or who have previously worked there. Many managers prefer to work with their old teams. You can also connect with hospitality leaders through social media. 


There are few job opportunities in the hotel and hospitality sectors-

If there is one perk to working in the hospitality industry, it is that you can explore the world. You can say that sky is the limit for hospitality professionals, especially in the UAE.

If you're working in hotels and feel you could do better in the F&B sector, join a reputed restaurant group in the UAE. Food Halls, world-class malls, and cinemas always hire skilled and experienced people from hotels and restaurants.  

Want to take a dip and sail the oceans? Join the cruise lines. 


Only those with poor academic credentials should apply for jobs in the hotel business. 

There was a time when only a few people ventured and enrolled in hospitality management colleges. However, seeing the growth in the hospitality and tourism industry, many youths are now inclined toward a hospitality career. The hospitality industry pays well and provides fruitful hands-on experience. 

The hospitality industry and the Hotel industry are the same things.

When we talk about the hospitality industry, we talk about hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, nightclubs, airlines, cruise lines, cinemas, cloud kitchens, food halls, tours/ travel agencies, entertainment, amusement parks, and even retail. Tourism and hospitality management students can also apply for real estate and bank jobs. Some hospitals hire Food&Beverage, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Customer Service, and even Security staff with hospitality experience. 


You can only get the job on a Visit visa-

Most companies in the UAE prefer locally available candidates with experience in UAE hospitality companies who can attend the interview in person. It allows them to schedule the candidates accordingly with the managers. Some positions require 2-3 sessions before getting the Job Offer. The candidates on a visit visa have an additional advantage as they can join the company without any notice. It also saves companies the cost of migration from the country of origin. 

But if you're working overseas and applying for vacant positions online. The employer can interview the candidates online and proceed with the offer letter for a few specific job roles. These senior-level positions require extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in overseas branded organizations. 

Some junior positions can be filled online, provided the candidates/skills are not found locally in the UAE.