Hassle Free AI Based Career Page and other Business Solutions Every Company Needs

Our in-house team has created a functionality that provides a White Label Solution to companies to create an in-built Career Section.

Hassle Free AI Based Career Page and other Business Solutions Every Company Needs

Are you taking advantage of the AI? We all know technology has changed and dominated everything around us, and it includes recruitment. Gone are the days when job vacancies were posted in a newspaper, and recruiters received a bulk load of junk in response. Millennial Recruiters are tech-savvy. They want to save time, as short-listing the candidates is crucial for the recruitment process and AI-based technology makes adding and using filters easier to streamline only valuable candidates. 

Based on your reputation in the market, a candidate discovers your website and wants to work with you. But when he accesses the Career Page, he sees a few open positions and a generic email address and does not know about the Job description of the offered role. It could be a skilled professional or a random struggling candidate who’s finding it hard to bring food to the table. The next day, the HR wakes up to a buzzing Inbox and has difficulty sorting the CV’s. Most of them are junk again. 

All of your competitors have invested in building their Career Page, which costs x amount of money, but you are hesitant to block a massive amount of funds to create a page that you don’t even know is worth. 

In the morning department head meeting, you discuss about exploring the idea of having a built-in software with filters. For that, you must have an accessible, hassle-free working website and someone to code the built-in section under your own website. But not all of us know how to code. Hiring one web developer isn’t enough to create a quality segment. 

 Fair enough, you approach the company that created your website in the past and request them to develop a Career Section with the latest AI and industry-specific features. You sit back in your office and wait for the quotation and, meanwhile, send the requirement to a couple of more IT companies. 

 You receive quotations from them the following week, demanding funds that break your bank. In the meantime, the HR team visits your office at least a few times to ask for an update. The pressure is surreal, and you must upgrade yourself and follow your competitors or stay behind. You hold your head and wish there was someone to rescue you. 

Fear not, is here to rescue. Our in-house team has created a functionality that provides a White Label Solution to companies to create an in-built Career Section. The hassle-free solution is available to you free of cost, which gives you an edge. The best part is it can automatically be translated into your country’s language if you want to interact in your language. can be translated into Arabic, French, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and German at the moment, and more languages will be added soon. 

The below process will show you how Business Solutions work. Not only for the Career page, but if you want a particular segment for your Article section, Product marketplace, events, and courses, you can request for the source code and show it off to your competitors. 

Business Solutions Benefits

Set up your own pages with no coding

You do not need any coding knowledge, just copy the code provided by us and paste it into the Html of your website page.

Engage your website visitors

Since it is your branded data, engage visitors on your own website, they can apply for jobs, courses, Market place directly on your website.

Central organization on Hozpitality for all Pages

You do not have to manage each section separately; simply manage all sections on Hozpitality, and your data appears on your website instantly.

All changes reflect immediately on your website

There is no downtime; as soon as changes are made on Hozpitality, your data shows on your website immediately.

No Hosting and Maintenance required

You do not need any Hosting or Maintenance for these on your website; simply use our code on your website.

Customer Support

We are always available to assist you with any requirements you have at any time.

So, take the burden off your shoulders and contact to find out more. 

See a video explaining the feature here :-


Written by Vandana Raj Bhatt, MD, Hozpitality Group


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