The Cheapest Countries to Travel from Dubai

You do not have to break your bank for a great holiday, there are so many places where you can fly on a low budget. Let's explore some of them.

The Cheapest Countries to Travel from Dubai

Written by Vandana Raj Bhatt Co-Founder

Who doesn't want to experience the world like their own backyard? When it comes to traveling the world, Dubai is believed to be the entryway connecting the East and the West. With exotic islands, unbelievable wildlife, snow-laden mountains, renowned landmarks, and pristine beaches, it's easier to travel anywhere in this Middle Eastern Country. Dubai connects various countries on different continents, be it Africa, Asia, Australasia, or America. The flight distances are much shorter from Dubai than anywhere else. 


Dubai is your best bet when people try to collect as many stamps as possible on their passports. There are so many places where you can fly on a low budget. Dubai residents take as many as 3-5 International trips every year than most people globally. Travel agencies run special packages during Eid, Summer, Easter, and Winter breaks, but otherwise, also, there are tons of options to choose from. 


Eastern Europe

Some countries in Eastern Europe are just a short trip from Dubai and cost less than 200 American dollars. UAE Residents don't require visas to travel to Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan and can apply for e-visa for Azerbaijan. 

You can experience the majestic landscapes, mountain ranges, breathtaking nature, and serene valleys. You can explore these countries to taste different cuisines, enjoy their culture, traditions and everything else they offer. 






These countries, including Azerbaijan, are transcontinental countries located at the border of Eastern Europe and Central & Western Asia. Tickets to Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan costs somewhere around 800 American dollars. Populated mainly by Muslims, halal food is widely available in the country.



Dubai can easily access the African continent with flight times ranging from 3-8 hours and flight tickets ranging from 300-800 American dollars. Africa fills with overflowing unique flora and fauna and astounding wildlife. Fresh air, wildlife safaris, exotic islands, and white sandy beaches make Africa a great destination. If you're fond of beaches, visit Mombasa Beach in Kenya. If you are fond of watching animals in the zoo, see Kenyan and Tanzanian Wildlife safaris, you'll never revisit the zoo. Africa can be your go-to place for amazing sunrises, sunsets, and freshly served seafood on the next vacation. 






South Africa


Middle East

The Middle East landscapes might not be lusciously filled with greenery, but some parts can be really picturesque. Rugged mountain structures, valleys, deserts, and oceans make the Middle East one of the great destinations. Desert safaris, sunset dhow tours, beach extravaganzas, culture tours, and museums. Tons of things can be covered by exploring these countries.


Let's start with Saudi Arabia, which is not only famous for religious tourism but has been promoting the new landmarks in the country. 


Road trips can cover many Middle Eastern countries; otherwise, you can take a short flight and enjoy these countries' cultures. You can drive to Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and even Saudi Arabia.


You have to take a flight to Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, the countries sitting at the Middle East and West Africa border. Egyptian mummies and pyramids in everyone's bucket list, and it's much easier and cheaper from Dubai than anywhere else. 


Saudi Arabia








South Asia

It's no wonder that most of the population in the UAE consists of South Asian descent who arrived in the country years ago, helped develop the nation, and grew together with it. You can just hop on and off the flights to these countries. Short as 2 hours trip and is under 200 American dollars. So much to explore in terms of culture, food, and experiences. Experience ranging from skiing to wildlife safari, mountain expeditions, beaches, cultural tours, and bustling city life, these countries got it all. 


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Sri Lanka




Want to experience the Mediterranean, no problems. The flights to Turkey and Cyprus cost only between 250-500 American dollars. Istanbul's mosques, souqs, and food deserve any voyager's fantasies. Cyprus' antiquated Roman and Greek remains are second just to Italy and Greece itself.




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