Tips for the Stress-Free Job Interview

Don’t forget to wear your smile for an interview. It’s not about facing the fear, it’s about stepping up closer to your dreams.

Tips for the Stress-Free Job Interview

The talent war is on.

Every hospitality company struggles to find that perfect candidate. You, as a candidate, are stressed if you’ll make it out of the hundred applications the HR receives every single day. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every candidate goes through anxiety from the time they receive an interview call. Job interviews have an impression on candidates.

A job interview is not only a chance to prove your worth but a chance for appraisal. Whether it’s your first interview as a freshman or you’re taking a leap into your next big role, it can all give you some sort of stress. So, how do you wish you have a stress-free interview?

Let’s dive in for some insights for some stress-free interview tips:

  • Research about the company and the interviewer: - The technology proves to be a blessing at certain times. Before proceeding with any interview, you must research about the company, number of staff, company culture, diversity, and expectations. Go through their company website, search them on social media, read their press releases, and gain some insights. You may also want to search for the person who’s going to interview you. The knowledge about the company and person will boost your confidence.
  • Understand the Requirement: - You must understand the expectations behind the role. Read the job description properly when you apply and ask for clarifications if you need. You can present some examples of how you handled a particular situation in your department if required. Problem solvers and team members are highly in demand in all departments. Go through your resume and understand what questions they might direct to you. It’s better to prepare instead of waiting for an impromptu answer in front of the interviewer.
  • Pay attention to the Recruiter: - Department heads or HR, they are all stressed as much as you are. They have to fill that position. Some roles demand immediate attention, and some take longer to fill. They each see many applications before they send the offer letter. Consider their time and take time to listen to them carefully. Don’t forget, they are judging each word that comes out of your mouth. Pay attention. Don’t speak too fast, concentrate on your word, understand the question, and answer in the most appropriate way. Show your strengths and don’t hide your weakness. They’ll sense it, anyway.
  • Stay Confident: - Dress appropriately and use the right body language when you sit in front of the interviewer. If you’ve already done your homework, know your jargon and understand the requirement well, you won’t hesitate to answer questions they shoot your way. The research you’ve done is the cherry on the cake. It’ll further boost your confidence. Be friendly but not over-friendly. Maintain the standard and be patient.
  • Follow up: - You answered all the questions asked by the interviewer, so now what? Consider it as a step up. You’ve come a long way since the time you applied for the job role, got shortlisted for an interview, and finally saw the recruiter face to face. 9 out of 10 people don’t get that opportunity. Now, since you’ve accomplished your initial goal. The ball is in their court now. What you can do now is draft a professional email and send it to the interviewer. Most of the candidates forget to get in touch with the company and they only follow up after a few days. The email shows your sincerity and your interest in the position.

Above all, don’t forget to wear your smile for an interview. It’s not about facing the fear, it’s about stepping up closer to your dreams. If you’ve prepared well, there’s absolutely no need to worry. But if in case you are unsuccessful after giving your best shot, just remember this isn’t the end of the road. There will be more opportunities in the future. Rejections should not sabotage your morale.

You must keep working to upgrade your skills. There might be a better opportunity waiting for you.

 Written by Vandana Raj Bhatt, MD, Hozpitality Group