Why is hygiene and safety more vital than ever in the hospitality industry

The importance of hygiene measures is unquestionable in such an environment. The Covid pandemic has drastically transformed how we analysed hygiene in the hospitality industry earlier in the past.

Why is hygiene and safety more vital than ever in the hospitality industry

Written by Vandana Raj Bhatt

The food and service sector makes a significant contribution to the global economy as it's one of the largest employers in employment terms and one of the highest investors in capital expenditure, who invests annually over £1 trillion. The importance of hygiene measures is unquestionable in such an environment. The Covid pandemic has drastically transformed how we analysed hygiene in the hospitality industry earlier in the past. 

It is generally understood that hygiene and healthcare are paramount to the success of any business, but what role do they play in industries like hotels? As soon as you walk into a hotel room, you are already exposed to a certain level of hygiene. The work surfaces, bath/shower, and even the porter are just some of the all-important areas that, when not absolved, can make for an unhappy guest who won't be staying for long if this is not addressed.

Hygiene is essential for service levels in the hospitality industry. From proper cleaning of glasses, cups, and other serving ware; to maintaining the cleanliness of restrooms, kitchen area, and storage areas, proper hygiene maintenance helps to keep customers satisfied.

A dirty bathroom can lead to customer complaints (and lost revenue), and a clean restroom can help create a welcoming environment for guests.

Hygienic practices in any environment are of utmost importance. It is necessary to have a heightened sense of cleanliness and safety in hotels, food and beverage establishments, entryways, airlines, etc. This blog outlines the importance of hygiene in the hospitality industry.

What do the guests demand post-pandemic travel? 

The virus successfully kept us locked indoors for months. Still, the confidence from immunization has boosted travelers with enthusiasm, and people have started flying across the globe, staying at hotels, and taking vacations. 

But hygiene and safety stay the utmost priority. Travelers and vacationers are curious to know the hotel's measures before checking into their hotel room. 

Travelers demand the rooms be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. They are also vigilant about public areas such as the gym, lobby, spa, and restaurants and urge them to be spotless. 

According to a survey, most guests tend to choose a hotel based on its health and safety protocols. Almost 80% of travelers think that a clear outline of preventive measures contributes to their protection.

A Trustworthy Brand 

It's become trendy for hospitality establishments to use the "Certified Clean" tagline. Your current marketing plan should primarily emphasise your commitment to disinfection, face-to-face contact depreciation, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

We also suggest that you think about the following suggestions for attracting more visitors and improving your current technological strategy: 

  1. Increase engagement by utilising internet marketing techniques:-

If you wish to reach out to a larger number of potential customers, you need to promote your hotel in the new marketplace. Online platforms, such as a Hozpitality Marketplace, can help you immensely. Here you will be able to publish your rooms, spa, F&B deals, and packages to target specific audiences.

  1. Show proof of safety:- Guests will want to ensure that traveling to your location is secure before staying at your hotel.

The COVID-19 Safety Badge is ideal for instilling trust in your visitors.

It shows you information on the COVID-19 dynamic in your area and the steps you've made to protect your home. 

  1. Eliminate Contact:- When it comes to limiting unwanted direct touch between workers and guests, technology is fantastic.

Your customers will be able to check-in/out, order meals in their rooms, and pay for any services without face-to-face contact via a mobile Guest App. 

  1. Take cleaning to a new level with a strong workforce:- The Post Covid Housekeeping team should be well-versed in cleaning and sanitizing techniques. 

Consider enrolling your housekeeping team in a Hygiene and Safety course offered by cleaning companies or, more likely, hospitals.

It will assist you in securing your hotel and gaining consumer trust. 

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The Importance of Hygiene and sanitation in Restaurant operations 

Restaurants are likewise being scrutinised more closely these days.
Restaurants have long had processes and checklists to prevent foodborne illness, but customers now have greater expectations when it comes to their health.

Much as in hotels, brand familiarity and trust go a long way.

According to one survey, 58 percent of guests would choose a restaurant if they knew the establishment used a cleaning product brand they were familiar with and trusted. 

Customers also expect to see cleaning in action, with 70% expecting more thorough and regular cleaning, with bathrooms, buffets, tables, chairs, and counters being the most critical areas to clean.

Health inspectors are altering their standards to guarantee that restaurants follow guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, highlighting the importance of restaurant sanitation and hygiene.

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