Hire the right candidate for the right job efficiently

As a recruiter or manager, you don't want to flash your vacant positions just everywhere. You need a channel that provides you trusted results. A place where you can get employees based on your preferences.

Hire the right candidate for the right job efficiently

Companies don't run on their own; they need talented and skilled workers to grow to prosper. Employees who efficiently and tirelessly work through the hours to make it successful not for their own career growth but the company's triumph—individuals who possess the right attitude set the company environment that inspires their peers to perpetuate the same. 

Service industries such as Travel, and hospitality necessitate a unique set of skills to leave a lasting impression transforming the satisfied customer into a loyal one. 

On the other hand, hotel and hospitality employees are always on the go; stats show that the hospitality industry has the highest turnover than any other industry. The managers need to set the right target when hiring the employees, as they are an essential part of the organization. So, as an owner/ recruiter, what characteristics do you seek in an employee? It could be punctuality, specific skills, communication, team player, loyalty. 

Here are the most common characteristics which is found in most job descriptions: - 

Team Player: - The hospitality industry contains various departments that run on autopilot. Once the team understands the fundamentals of the task and its culture, they can handle it with ease and patience.

However, there is always an annoyance that must be dealt with from time to time.

Managing certain situations might be difficult depending on seniority, education level, gender, class, and race.

Hiring a team player can solve these issues. They are essential for any firm. The team player sticks to a plan and follows in the footsteps of their management and coworkers without causing any fuss. 

Collaboration: - Collaboration, like team players, is a skill that every management requires in their team.

The ability to give constructive feedback and receive comments with ease. The ability to respect their co-workers and work together professionally and effortlessly. 

Someone who's is team oriented. Like a soccer game, a firm requires teamwork rather than individual efforts. 

Dressing Sense and Adaptability: - 

Hospitality is a front-facing industry. Most of the employees interact with customers and require a chic look. 

The adaptability to dress appropriately in business attire and proper grooming boosts confidence.

Attitude to take charge: -

Employee characteristics like this are fundamental.


As a manager, you don't want someone who shrugs their shoulders and thinks there's nothing they can do when faced with a difficult challenge, a blockage, or even low team morale. You must look for someone proactive.

Punctuality: - Punctuality is a quality that your staff should possess.

Someone who is frequently late to work demonstrates a lack of enthusiasm for their profession. 

Staff who thinks like a boss and not an employee: - This is one of the essential characteristics of an excellent employee on our list.

Consider this for a moment: employees simply wait to be told what to do, whereas a manager strategically considers what needs to be done.

Employees do a fantastic job on their own, but a manager wants the team to succeed, so they coach employees or help them when necessary.

Create a work environment that benefits both your company and your employees. 


Adaptability to Learn: - You want someone who will ask many questions, read up on the industry, and attend conferences, among other things.

These individuals are constantly honing their abilities and are critical to the company's success. 

Nowadays, hotels provide cross-training for their employees.

You need your employees to learn and adapt to new situations swiftly.

Part of the solution could be a cross-departmental training program that allows staff to try out different positions and responsibilities. 

Staff that can deal with pressure: -

Complaints, inquiries, and long working hours are common in the hospitality sector. You'll need someone who can handle a lot of pressure.

As employees, you should make it a point to put yourself in an awkward situation.

The more pressure you are exposed to, the more resistant you will get to it! 

Right Resources: -

As a recruiter or manager, you don't want to flash your vacant positions just everywhere. You need a channel that provides you trusted results. A place where you can get employees based on your preferences.

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Written by Vandana Bhatt, MD, Hozpitality Group