How Check List For Housekeeping Can Ease Your Pain

Having A List In Hand Can Ensure The Productivity Of The Housekeeping Staff In Minimal Time Duration

How Check List For Housekeeping Can Ease Your Pain

You're on vacation and dazzled by the spotless mirrored floors, dusted upholstery, shiny mirrors, fresh bedding, and bleached white towels. You must understand that much labor and training goes behind the scenes. 

Housekeeping is an essential department in any hospitality establishment, whether a hotel, restaurant, airline, cruise ship, retail facility, nightclub, motel, mall, vacation rental, or cinema. A company's image is fifty percent dependent on an efficient housekeeping team. Although, every company has its own manual and housekeeping checklist. 

In this blog, Hozpitality has streamlined a list that your housekeeping/cleaning team can use to clean hotel rooms quickly and efficiently. Hotel companies rely on their housekeeping team to ensure that the rooms are spotless and well-equipped before guests arrive, especially since we're still fighting the war against the most significant pandemic of our generation. 

A learned and efficient housekeeping team plays a vital role in the company's success. In addition to a well-stocked cleaning card, a housekeeping checklist ensures the staff stays on track. 


Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist

Before entering any guestrooms, the housekeeping room should knock and confirm if there's anyone in the room. If the guest is still inside, the team can ask if they need any tea/coffee, towels, or other amenities. They can finish the other room and add this particular room to their to-do list. 

If possible, open the windows for fresh air.

Check the thermostat, air conditioner, lights, and TV to ensure they work properly. 

Replace any flickering bulb.

Check if the drapes slide easily.

Check the walls and ceiling for any cobwebs.

Clean the appliances, fixtures, and furniture. 

Clean the coffee maker. 

Remove any dirty dishes and plates from the room. 

Check if the guest left anything in the fridge. 

Clean microwave.

Clean mirrors and glass surfaces. 

Wipe the telephone.

Check if the closet has hanger and luggage racks. 

Remove trash from the trashcan and fit a new liner. 

Vacuum the room.

Deodorize the room. 


Hotel Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Change the bedsheets and fresh linen after the guests have checked out. If you have long-time guests, change the bedsheet every second or third day or as required. 

Check under the bed for any misplaced items. 

Strip the bed and remove all the used linen and pillow cases. 

Put a fresh fitted sheet.

Put the fresh, clean flat sheet.

Tuck the bedsheet at the corners. 

Put clean pillow cases on the pillows.

Cover the duvet and adjust to give it a flat and clean look.


Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Remove and replace any used towels.

Check if there's any water leak from the fixtures.

Clean the bathtub and shower, and wipe it dry. 

Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl. 

Wipe and sanitize the toilet seat, lid, and handle.

Check soap dispensers

Wipe the mirrors. 

Clean the sink and vanity table. 

Vacuum and mop the bathroom floors.

Remove the garbage and add new liners to the bin.

Stock the amenities for the new guests. 

Deodorize the room. 


Replace all amenities

After the guest room is cleaned and sanitized as per the above checklist, remove and replace all the amenities.

Coffee Cups

Coffees and filters

Tea bags

Sugar, creamers, and stirrers.

Ice buckets and liners.

Drinking cups.

Stationary and pens.

Pamphlets and hotel information packages. 

Dry cleaning bag.

Shampoo and conditioner.

Soaps and lotion.

Toilet roll.

Tissue Paper. 


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The above checklist can be used for the hotel and resort rooms. The public areas in the hotels, cruise ships, malls, and retail spaces might have a slightly different addition, but the basic remains the same. Having a list in hand can ensure the productivity of the housekeeping staff in minimal time duration. We can say that the housekeeping staff is the backbone of any organization. A clean and tidy area is crucial to attracting new and repeated guests. 

If you have any additional tips you'd like us to add to this checklist. Please feel free to add a comment in the comment section.