Is video profile the new way to find your dream job in 2022?

You don't need a professional camera or a cameraman to record it for you. Just click a short video with your mobile phone on selfie mode.

Is video profile the new way to find your dream job in 2022?

In the world of YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, and Tiktoks, it's become easy for individuals to pick their mobile phones and create a short video. Millions worldwide are dancing to the latest tunes and uploading the content on social media for entertainment. Social media has become an integral part of today's society, where some creative people create content and others log in to entertain themselves. 

Everyone is hooked on social media, whether it's toddlers, elementary or teenage children, millennials, and the older generation. Study shows that individuals spend a significant amount of time online. What if creating video content could help in finding your dream job? No, you don't have to start your own channel and post weekly videos. 

Talking about jobs, when a recruiter posts a job online, they also share it on various platforms, including social media. Thousands of aspiring candidates flock to the internet to apply for one particular position in anticipation of an interview. 

The selection part is crucial for the recruiter. Digging the gold out of a piled-up inbox is a challenging job. After the shortlisting process, it takes rounds of interviews and due diligence to find one perfect person for the role.

Even though a virtual interview was always possible for the candidates, the pandemic has pushed the recruiters to look deep into it and find measures to reduce their workload. The technology provides some support in terms of streamlining only the matching candidates. What if additional features could help them shortlist better and faster?

Did you know a video profile grabs attention faster than usual? A chance to gain confidence and show your personality to the recruiter. You don't need a professional camera or a cameraman to record it for you. Just click a short video with your mobile phone on selfie mode. Here are a few things that you can consider while recording the video:

  1. Keep it professional: Dress in your office uniform (chef coat/front office shirt/security uniform etc.) or a decent outfit that you'll wear to attend an actual interview. The recruiter doesn't have to see how you look on Instagram or Snapchat with filters. Stay modest. 
  2. Avoid unformed accoutrements: Any nude, immature dressing style can spoil your image. You may not only end up on the blocklist of that particular employer but the rest in the community. 
  3. Short Description: Read the job description based on your department and job role and stress on those points while recording the video. Start with your name, company name, job role, and a few duties and responsibilities that you handle in your position. 
  4. Duration: Keep the video length to a minimum of 2 minutes. Through the video, you're reflecting your body language, style, language, and personality for a recruiter to make a decision. Longer videos may be tedious and turn down the recruiter. 

Video profile is similar to the first round of interviews you'll attend with the recruiter. If you succeed in your first impression, your chances of landing the second interview with the department head are high. 

How do you reach the employer with a video profile? 

You can't just create a video profile and flash it on countless social media platforms. It has to be relevant and targeted. 

Suppose you're working with the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, airlines, facilities management companies, spa, theme parks, casinos, and cinemas). In that case, you now have a platform to insert the YouTube link in your profile. You can download your CV free of cost and share it for any particular job opening. 

Create a short video with your smartphone (max. 2 min) and upload the video on YouTube. You can then share the link on for a better chance to win your dream job. provides a marketplace with thousands of jobs from the hospitality industry. You can apply for any job matching your credentials directly through the website as well. 

How can Hozpitality help you with opportunities? 

Enhance your social media profile and add a video link. Create a free profile as a professional, fill up your details as you'll do for any other professional social media website. Add education, certificates, accolades, and work experience. 

Do not forget to add a professional profile picture. A profile picture is the first thing that reflects your personality. Refrain from posting any irrelevant picture that you'd post on Instagram or Facebook. 

Upload your CV in doc, docx, rtf, pdf format. CV in word format and pdf works the best. The following field will ask you to upload a video profile. Post a YouTube link with the short description mentioned above and upload it. The video will now be visible under your profile for the recruiter to view in case they decide to go ahead with your candidature.  

2022, will see new technology trends that would shape the way worldwide including recruitment. So, step ahead and create your unique identity with a video profile that can land more opportunities than you ever had in the past.

Written by Vandana Raj Bhatt, MD, Hozpitality Group