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Hospitality Tip Of The Day(18.)
What is Business Source of in the Hotel Industry?

There are numerous ways a hotel can learn about the guest’s request for available space. The potential guest can connect with the hotel via a telephone, email, online, Social Media, other devices or referral systems may all become important communication links between the sources of business and the hotel property. Such a source of business aka 'Source Codes' is tagged with each reservation record for statistical and forecasting purpose.

It is important that the potential customer be aware of how to contact the hotel in order for lodging management to maximise guest room sales. A property receives reservation inquiries in a variety of ways. The reservation request may be made in person, over a telephone, in a mail, via facsimile or telex, though the internet or online, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), mobile apps, instant messaging systems (Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger) through a central reservation system, global distribution system or through an inter sell agency.

list of source of business:

1.Personal approach: The may directly give their reservation to the hotel. They are also termed as FITs (Free individual travellers) or chance guest. Those guest are also termed as walk-in guests.
2.Travel agent
3.Tour operator
4.Airlines: Different airlines book hotel rooms for their regular crew members or for their clients.
5.Central reservation system: There are two basic types of central reservation system;
a) Affiliate network - An affiliate network is a hotel chains network where all individual units are linked through the central network. Chain hotels link their operations to streamline the processing of reservations and reduce overall system costs and at the same time, it also allows the non-chain properties to join the system as overflow facilities.
b) Non-affiliated network - A non-affiliated reservation system connects non-chain properties and enables independent hotel operators to get the benefit of reservation.
6.Global Distribution System (GDS):GDSs provide worldwide distribution of hotel reservation information and allow selling of hotel reservations around the world.
7.Companies/corporate houses
8.Embassies/consulate offices:
10.Universities and other educational institutions
11.Government Office and Ministries.
12.Inter-sell agencies: Hotels and car rental companies may also be inter-sell partners
13.Referral groups: They are an informal or sometimes formal association of hotels who refer guests to each other in case of sold-out status or if a guest is travelling to another city where the hotel does not have a branch
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