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Topic of The Day!!!!????
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All Company's Management takes 12 to 14 hours by speaking 9 hours of duty. Employees still work because there is a lot of value of time and money for that Employee. Only Employees knows This, not the management.

And Mostly Candidates send to #Hr & #finance Department his/her Resume many times. But no any response from #Hr & #Finanace management, If you can't give the response, then what is the advantage of keeping Empli's data in your mail and deta base?

If any candidate comes to give an interview from 100 km to 500 km away, 99% of the company's management will not ask the candidate for water, not ask for food, don't return his/her expenses.
And after the interview, if being selected, Congratulations speaks to his/her. And if not selected, then they say to him/him, we will call you back and say sorry for that. Management does not even think for a moment what is the value of his/her time, expenses, being Hungary for that candidate?

Please stop #playtheGame with empli's Feelings, Valuable Time and Money. ??